Nell Shuttleworth-
Elite Rower/Ironwoman/crossfitter

I recruited Sheb for some nutrition planning over the summer of 2017. I could not have been more pleased with the results. I've used a variety of nutrition platforms and consultants in the past, but most provide a templated approach that is neither effective nor personal. Sheb customized my plan, listening attentively to my needs and goals. I felt heard and very much supported throughout our journey together and achieved both of my end goals, which were to make weight for a specific event and to win the event, feeling nutritionally sustained and hydrated. I would recommend Sheb to anyone looking to satisfy a goal or wanting a customized nutrition plan.




Marykay Dreisilker
Personal Trainer/Level 1 Crossfit Coach/2018 Crossfit regionals Athlete

I have been a competitive athlete for almost my entire life. Growing up in the gymnastics world unfortunately left me with many unhealthy food and nutrition habits. I was always doing some sort of dieting or food restriction ever since I was young. Those poor habits continued into adulthood long after I was done with gymnastics. When I starting doing Crossfit a few years ago, as much as I saw my body get stronger and felt like an athlete again, I knew that if I wanted to be in peek performance I need to get a better hold on my nutrition. I tried following some diets or food templates that I found online, however, they made me feel like I was on a boring diet and I was too restricted in my food choices. Enter Shebnation. I have the wonderful pleasure of working out at the same gym as Sheb. I told her my goal of wanting to qualify for Crossfit Regionals and we immediately got to work. Her attention to detail, as well as her genuine care and empathy all lead me to getting into the best physical shape of my entire life. I even went on to reach my goal and qualified for Regionals in 2018, where Sheb even traveled with me to Nashville to show me the ultimate support and make sure I stayed on top of my nutrition game. Working with Shebnation has been one of the easiest and best decisions I have ever made. 


Abigail Lang BSN RN
2017 Chicago Marathon Finisher/Crossfitter

I began my nutrition coaching with Sheb as a part of my Chicago marathon training plan. Sheb understood how to balance my macros for my high mileage weeks so that I always felt energized and satiated. I was able to perform in all of my training runs as well as go on to finish my very first marathon with a complete nutrition plan for speed work, long runs, crossfit, and rest days. Before starting with Sheb I was someone who tried every fad diet I could get my hands on, with no success on my own to lose weight or gain muscle. Sheb took the time to get to know me and was able to give me invaluable insight on my metabolism's performance with different food groups. It was with those changes and dialing in on my macros- I started seeing real results. In total since starting my nutrition coaching with Sheb I have lost almost ten pounds and 16 inches from all over my body. If you want to finally see the changes you have always hoped for, Sheb is your girl!