Are You Ready to Prioritize your health and fitness goals?

This may mean making a few changes. This may mean eating out less, and learning to prepare food for yourself. It may mean spending 2 hours on a Sunday setting yourself up for the next week's success with meal prep. It will definitely mean keeping an accurate account of what you eat, each day, every day. It may mean shifting the ways in which you celebrate and socialize. If you can definitively say "yes I can do that" to the above, you are ready.

Are you Ready to Forget What you know about dieting and weight loss?

If all this was working for you, you wouldn't be here. Trusting a new process is very difficult, and this one will take some discipline and will definitely not be comfortable every step of the way. It is a long-term change, not the magic bullet. Habit and health changes take time. This process is all about learning the currency of your food, and making decisions about what you decide to put inside your body. It is a way to say "au revoir" to hapless eating. Through discipline and knowledge, you will find a new freedom about the way you eat.

If you are Ready, we are Ready!

Your job is to tell us what you want and to follow the program to the letter. Our job is to respect what you want, figure out  what you need to get you what you want, and to guide you on the path to these goals.