Frequently asked questions

What is a macronutrient split?

A macro nutrient split is a specific ratio of fat/protein/ and carbohydrates tailored to your metabolism. You will be given daily goals- what you eat is up to you as long as you are hitting your macronutrient targets. And while yes, you could meet them drinking beer, eating egg whites and olive oil, we will of course encourage you to reach for optimally nutritious food with high bioavailability. 


What is the cost?

$150/ month. Minimum service is two months. We use an invoicing system that accepts most major credit cards. We also offer a maintenance package for experienced macro trackers or those looking for a macro re-boot, and we offer meal plans for those who want to dispense with tracking.



Besides my macro split-what else do you offer?

We make ourselves available to answer anything you might ask within 24 hours. If you have questions, concerns or just need a reassuring voice, we are here for you. We also offer whole health advice including strategies to improve sleep quality and how to ramp up your micronutrient intake. For performance focused athletes, we can suggest nutrient timing schedules, intra-workout fueling strategies, and offer insights on supplementation. We also offer meal plans for those who simply want to be told what to eat and not worry about tracking or playing endless hours of “macro tetris”.



How Does it Work?

We both have jobs.

Your job:

Every meal/snack: You will need to weigh (when possible) your food and track it via a food diary (there are easy apps available for this). If you eat it, it gets tracked. In some instances you may need to guesstimate (when eating out etc.) but whenever possible please use your food scale. Macro tracking is most effective when your entries are accurate. The more you hit your targets, the better your results will be.

Our Job:

We keep a close eye on your diary and spread sheet, as well as checking in with you during the week, offering support and guidance. We are happy to help with recipes, food prep and tracking issues. If you need a shoulder to cry on, we are here as well. If you want to vent- that’s us too! We will tweak your macros in accordance with your goals.