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NUtrition Redefined

Specializing in weight manipulation, performance, weight loss and general health.

If you are tired of trying to figure out how to lose weight, or want to maintain your current bodyweight while adding lean muscle mass, bulk up or improve your performance in the gym, go no further- we have the answers! We work with people from all walks of life including elite athletes, endurance athletes, gym rats, the CrossFit community, weightlifters, power lifters and recreational athletes.


The beginning of something very new

When you start fueling yourself properly, and start eating enough food in the right ratios, something very magical can happen. Your body can stop producing stress hormones, and in turn you might feel more energized and happy. We focus on empathy and performance, rather than templates and rigidity.


Welcome to the end of dieting as you know it

No more 30 day detoxes, off-limit foods and severe calorie restriction. This is a habit changing, lifestyle shift that will change your views about what it means to eat healthfully, maintain a healthy weight, greet each day energized and with renewed faith in yourself.


The end of forbidden foods and food restriction

Eat what you want and give your body what it needs. A very simple concept. With macro-nutrient tracking, you have the freedom to be flexible and move freely about your life. Portion control, a focus on lean proteins and balanced fat intake is all built in. You simply need to reach your targets to get results.