Rutabaga, Rutabaga. I thought you were a miracle from heaven. Boy was I wrong.

Last night I managed to make a pretty delicious “low-carb” chicken pot pie. Really it was just a take on the ancient French dish, chicken fricasse, but made easy, no roux, no liaison.So it was not a pie at all. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I had eaten up my “starchy carb” allotment for the day by 1PM (GF avocado toasts were the culprit. There may have been 2 kettle chips eaten too I am not saying for sure). I had some roasted chicken breasts in the fridge, and lots of carrots, and a rutabaga lying around, some un-drunk wine (weird I know). Sometimes I will just buy random produce at the market and try and figure out what to do with it. I was completely over the moon when I looked up the macronutrients of the rutabaga though, same as carrots! It’s a vegetable!!!

128g (1 cup cubed)= 53 calories/2.1 grams protein/0 grams fat/ 12 grams carb.

That’s amazeballs. Why aren’t we all eating rutabaga all the time? I cubed up a cup each of the carrots and 1/2 a cup of rutabagas, and some leeks, cooked these in a bit of butter and white wine. I added the chicken breast meat, which I pulled off the bone, and some chicken stock, and cooked it on the stove for about 40 minutes, just at simmer, with some thyme salt and pepper. I added a couple of Tbsps of heavy cream, the juice of 1 lemon, some parsley and it was heavenly.


So today I ran out and bought some rutabagas with the idea that basically I could turn them into completely guilt free mashed potatoes. I took glamour shots of the lowly rutabaga, and rolled my eyes at the thought that it is mainly used to feed livestock. “People are stupid” I thought, “Lucky horses and donkeys!”. I cubed up a mess of rutabaga, boiled then mashed it up, added a bit of butter and cream, and salt and pepper. I felt like I was gaming the system.

Yummy mash, you think?

Again I read about rutabagas, and admired the macronutrients one more time, and learned that they are called swedes and neeps (cute, right?). The good people of Scotland and Sweden eat them all the time, boiled with potatoes, as a side dish to fatty meats like sausages (#yes) and haggis (#nope). Who needs that carb-y old potato?

Turns out rutabaga needs that carb laden old potato, or at least needs to be buried somehow within a broth-y chicken and carrot stew, because mashed alone it is fucking disgusting. My son and I both winced at its earthy, sweet perfume, and I tried to make him take a big bite, and he gagged. I won’t give it to the dogs either, because I live in fear of diarrhea (that’s for another post). I choked down a teaspoon à la Jean Chrétien,  and lost my appetite for about ten minutes.

The Shebnation suggestion would be, really not to bother with this dumb vegetable. Leave it for the horses and donkeys. Its waxy outside is hard to peel, it’s hard as fuck to cut, it takes a long time to cook, potentially adds a weird flavor and is generally not worth your effort. Even though it was ok in the fricasse, you won’t do that much carby damage just adding in a regular old potato.



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