The Dogs of Shebnation: Meet Champ!

This is Champ, a serious little puggle whose main jobs are to protect his people and eat. I was menaced viciously by this little sausage just yesterday, because he didn’t know me. Fortunately, his running speed was hampered by his rotund shape, so it was easy to notice that he was coming for me and to move out of the way.

Champ uses his bulk to his advantage; one time he dragged a 50 pound bag of dog food out of a closet and ate more kibble than he should have, maybe even most of it. His chow is now kept in a special tub with a screw cap. He also knows how to open the refrigerator. So of course, a bungee cord is needed there.

Champ will tell you that the most danger lurks at night. This is why he awakens two or three times every night to bark loudly and slam his stout little body against the front door.


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