The Dogs of Shebnation: Meet “The Clem”

Clementine (or “the Clem”, as she is known) is a very special animal. Her activity levels range from psychotically busy to lifeless and sedentary.  Also, if she is lifeless and sedentary, please do not disturb her if you enjoy having unbitten hands. Most of us enjoy unbitten hands. However, she gets scared when she is in that hypnagogic state between asleep and fully awake. Who among us is not?

In terms of snacks, the Clem requires quite a bit of work. While many dogs merely have a cup of kibble poured into a bowl, foodstuffs for the Clem are a little more involved. Her breakfasts and dinners are composed of a complex mixture of coconut oil, pumpkin, probiotics and slow-cooked, grass-fed meats.


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