Trollinger:He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.

20160127_180818-2Perhaps you are suddenly disinterested in heaviness, gravity or thickness. Great. There is good news for you. Try some Trollinger, sometimes known as Schiava, but from Baden-Württemberg in Germany (a district that includes Stuttgart). Levity does not come with a price, it’s cheap as hell. No fuzzy tongues here, just vibrancy all night. Who doesn’t love that?


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The Dogs of Shebnation: Meet Fern

Here’s Fern, a scrappy little cuddler who enjoys sleeping, hanging out under tables laden with food and…sleeping. Because of her high ethical standards and sympathetic heart, she often supresses her more canine urges to chase and kill squirrels, instead allowing them to eat and decimate the vegetable garden her human works so hard to grow.

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Our Magnum Policy…….

magnumpolicy1) Weekdays just fine.

2) No Corkage in Shebnation.

3) When given a choice, always choose 1.5 Liters or more.

4) Proper handling of magnums is to cradle them in your arms like a baby. Or two babies.


(Notes: No garbage allowed in Laval vineyards. Morgon is actually the Rhône so, granite. Also no garbage allowed at Lapierre. No sugar in Laval bottles. No swimming in the paradis, even though that shimmering, fractal, ruby lake may call out to you. Please practice some impulse control.)


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The Dogs of Shebnation: Meet Tater

tateTate, or Tater is a nice doggie with a checkered past. He has been expelled from several doggie daycares and has a police record, mainly though because he gets scared and does not know how to handle his feelings. That’s ok, we all get like that sometimes.

When not biting or attacking perceived threats , he likes to eat plates and spoons out of the dishwasher, spread garbage all over the house and shed lots of his glorious hair.

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